Strengthening the Faith and Reaching Out

Holy Protection Woodworking is a CNC business specializing in woodcut Orthodox icons, shrines, kiots, analogions, iconostasis and more. Located in Kodiak, Alaska, the land of St. Herman, the company is owned and operated by Orthodox Christians under the Georgian Apostolic Church in America. Our dream has been to find a way to strengthen the faith in our homeland America, through spreading the truth of Orthodoxy. Therefore, we believe this business is a stepping stone to reach not only Orthodox Christians, but also those who admire the beauty found in woodcarving.

Our Icons

Every carving is made with precision from Eastern United States White Hard Maple. This maple has a fine uniform texture and a straight grain that allows the beauty of the carving to remain uncompromised. Each product is finished with a high quality Lacquer which enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

If a different color icon is desired, we recommend one of our exotic wood choices. Please contact us about your choice of wood and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

As Adam once did, we have the responsibility to “tend the garden”.   With respect to God’s creation we use wood that is harvested according to the Forest Stewardship Counsel “Green Forestry”. Each tree that is cut down is replaced with a new sapling.

Excellence in Craftmanship With God’s Blessing

Our dedicated team of craftsmen are proud to bring you the finest woodcut icons in North America. In addition to a beautiful natural product, we stress exemplary customer service, attention to detail, and flexibility in creating custom projects for our clients. Our motto is, with God’s blessing, all things can be accomplished. We invite you to browse our product line, and contact us with any questions; we are happy to be of service.